Tuesday, December 13, 2011


With my second baby I have decided to take the Hypnobabies course.
It's a form of hypnobirthing that helps you focus your energy and frame of mind while going through labour and the birth of your child. It uses medical grade hypnosis and claims to let you have a pain free birth. For more information check out their website here.

I am basically using it because when I was labouring with Harlow I found that my mind was everywhere and not focused at all. I want my energy to be going towards one thing, I want a quicker labour, but understand it might not work that way. I just want to be able to relax and work with the contractions instead of dreading them. On that note I will try to keep you up to date on what the classes are like once they start in January.

I have received the first two tracks after sending in the $100 deposit for the almost $400 course. This seems like an absurd amount of money to me but after lengthy discussions with my husband and reading numerous stories about how much hypnobabies helped other mothers I decided it was for me. You get a bunch of tracks to listen to and a workbook and some other stuff too. You can do the course without having to go to class and basically self teach yourself, but I've been told it is not as effective. There are 6 three hour classes where you get to work with an experienced instructor and learn other things about relaxation. I'm looking forward to it!

Let me tell you my experience thus far. The first track is called Special Place Imagery and is all about creating your special place that you can go to to relax. It can be a real place or a place you've been or a made up place. I chose a beautiful white sands beach, blue blue water, me in a hammock between 2 palm trees, a glass of Pina Colada and a good book beside me. The beach is quite and I'm all alone, all I can hear is the sound of the tide and feel a warm breeze gently swaying the hammock. Sounds pretty nice right? Wish this was a place I had actually been to! The second track is called Easy, Comfortable Childbirth and is more about relaxing your mind and body as well as using different terminology when talking about birth. So instead of contractions you say pressure waves and instead of labour you say birth experience. Which I think is totally cool cause most phrases used when discussing your birth experience have a definite negative ring to them.

So it's all about repetition, getting deeper and deeper into relaxation, feeling the warmth of the light that lets you relax so completely. In the first track I also get to "meet" my baby - I get to take him out of the womb and take him to my special place, tell him a bit about myself and listen to what he has to say. Seems a little weird now that I am writing it out, but its pretty cool when you're in the midst of it. The tracks last about 30 minutes and you are completely aware of your surroundings and are able to respond to anything that may happens while you are "under" you come back just by counting from 1 to 3.

The more you listen to the tracks the faster and deeper you are supposed to get, so I've listened to each a few times and am definitely feeling the difference. The first few times my mind was still wandering and thinking about things that needed to be done and over analysing the words the lady was saying. But the next few times I was definitely feeling that I was more focused and my mind was just listening to the woman's voice and relaxing.

So far so good, I am definitely enjoying it, but it's finding the time to spend 30 uninterrupted minutes each day that can get hard. I usually try to do it when Harlow goes for a nap but sometime I just fall asleep too. I thought about doing it right before bed but it makes me feel super energized so I don't think I would be able to go to sleep after. The other time is bath time for Harlow, which Ross does, this usually works best, but I often have a million things to do. I just make it work!

I haven't found too many blogs about the experience of Hypnobabies along the way so hopefully, if you are thinking of this for the future, my blog gives you some valuable information. :)


Diddlepoyner said...

I have never heard of this!! I can't wait to hear more. Something to research. Thank you for you posting I like reading you blog.

Ashley said...

Interested to see how this goes for you! Something for me to consider in the future. If it works.

Crystal - Prenatal Coach said...

I'm pregnant with my 1st and also taking Hypnobabies! I'm an instructor and hypno-doula so I'm excited to finally experience this amazing program first hand. I'll also be blogging about our experience as 'students' as we go along through the course :-)

Carly said...

I did Hypnobirthing with my first, and HypnoBabies (home study) with my second. Hands down, HypnoBabies wins! This course is incredible, and I am so grateful that I found it! My sister is a HypnoBabies instructor now, and after talking to her, I am AMAZED at the amount of information they are required to have. Those instructors know their stuff! Good luck, and hire a doula. You won't regret it!

MK said...

:-D I used Hypnobabies with my second child and can't wait to start practicing it again for my third. I did write a little about it on my blog (but honestly need to go back and see what I wrote lol). I love the way you describe the special place. Mine was in Zanzibar :-j Can't wait to read more about how it goes for you!

Slappy Jones said...

wow, the classes are expensive! Glad I went with the home study course! :) My fifth baby was a hypnobaby, and this next one (due in July) will be as well! And you don't have to be retarded to expect pain-free--you just have to believe it. Whenever I'd feel pain during birthing time, I'd go deeper and forget about it--no pain! It was beautiful! Wonderful! The first time I ever said, "I want to do that again!" immediately after giving birth. Congrats on the start of your journey! Just practice a lot, and believe, believe, believe!

Good luck! I hope you have a long, boring pregnancy followed by an easy, calm, pain-free birthing time! :)